Many of the patterns that made Partridge famous were developed at a time when synthetic materials were in their infancy and in many cases simply did not exist. In recent years materials have moved on in leaps and bounds and hook patterns too have evolved but the art of fly tying still remains.

Under new direction since 2009, the company has returned to its roots focusing on the basics like modernizing points and barbs where appropriate and finishes. Taking classic patterns down to smaller sizes and ensuring that gape and eye profile meet modern fly tying expectations.


Partridge was a pioneer in the production of specialist and unique patterns for trout and grayling fishing and over the years Partridge became more and more known for patterns like Draper flat body, Swedish Dry and Parachute hooks. As modern materials have evolved and fly tyers have looked for convenience, many of these patterns have become redundant. In our 2013 offering we have re-introduced classics like K4A, K12ST and G3A that have often been copied and are now the standard patterns used on the lake and rivers of the world.

Partridge has been making carp hooks for longer than most people can remember and has been associated with some of the most influential names in fishing - Kevin Maddocks, Jack Hilton, Trefor West, Sebasian Rat and Richard Walker have all had a hand in the evolution of one of the most reliable ranges of hooks to have been associated with carp fishing.

Fly fishing for saltwater species is becoming more and more popular and as rod construction has improved in recent years this has meant that there are now very few limits to what can be caught on the fly. With this in mind our 2013 range sees the start of a direction change for us to produce contemporary patterns that can meet the extremes that are demanded when fighting big fish. The new range features hooks for traditional patterns and the trend towards tube flies.

Partridge has had a long and illustrious association with salmon and steelhead hooks and has in recent years pioneered patterns like the SALAR. Our 2013 range retains the classics that remain the favourite of traditionalists offering them now in smaller sizes in line with the trend towards smaller fishing hooks. We now offer technical fishermen new and innovative specialist fly and tube patterns that will give them the advantage when it comes to hooking and playing fish.

Partridge invented the purpose built predator (Pike) hook and has long worked with experts in the field to research and manufacture the best hooks for the job. There has been a tendency for fishermen to review the title of a hook and to say that it is not suitable as it bears the wrong species on the label. With this in mind our 2013 range has been re-labelled Predator featuring smaller hooks for species like Large-mouth Bass, Zander / Walleye.

The recent change to International Competition rules stipulate that only purpose made barbless hooks are to be fished in competitions. Partridge is not a newcomer to this style of hook, having pioneered arrow-points and dropped- points before such hooks became popular. The concept of Patriot Barbless hooks is to provide strong and dependable barbless classics with robust points to both competition and serious fisher folk alike.