My name is Peter van Ruitenbeek, 31 years old, from the Netherlands, living close to Amsterdam, in a small town called Laren.

I’m fishing as long as I can remember, but I started fly-fishing at the age of 7 on a trout pond fishing trip with my parents.

From that day on I was hooked and started fly-tying the same year.  My dad thought me how to tie basic flies, while I was destroying his tying materials trying to make them. Thanks dad, for teaching me!

Now, 20 years later I managed most tying techniques by just trying, no one makes a perfect fly the first time.

My passion made me go to work in a fly shop from the age of fifteen. From then on I am giving casting and tying lessons myself.

Because I am always looking for the right materials and fishing methods it was just a matter off time before I started my own shop in 2009, Exclusive Flyfishing. Now I can really show people how to tie flies and what to do with each material. The flies I tie a really diverse, from small dries, sea trout flies, big pike flies to deer hair divers. I would like to master all techniques and try to learn from other tiers every day.

I love dry fly fishing for trout and pike in shallow waters but my biggest addiction is sea trout fishing in Denmark.

It is an honour for me to be part of the Pro team of Partridge of Redditch.