54 years old and lives in the western Denmark at the heart best salmon and seatrout fishing in Denmark on the rivers Skjernå, Karup and Storåen.

Some years ago he caught the fish of a lifetime - a monster salmon and a Danish record - the biggest fish ever caught on the fly by a Dane, weighing in at 20.1 kg about 45 pounds and 121 cm. !!

Today Kim works in the fly fishing business, part time at FUTUREFLY and in a big fishing store. 

Living in Holstebro about 500 metres from the river,  fly fishing  and fly tying are a way of life - most Danes would know him for three patterns;

  • The Munker; a Danish Muddler for Salmon and Sea Trout deadly when fished in slow waters
  • The Yellow Lighting;
  • Rubber Plug Frances variation;