My name is John Zimmerman. I’m 33 years old and when I’m not guiding, I am most often accompanied to the streams and fields of western North Carolina with my business partner or my yellow lab named Caedmon.

I began fishing with my father some thirty years ago. My very first memories are of being in the water fishing with him and sitting quietly (well, as quietly as any five year old can in freezing temperature) in the woods. From my first moments fly fishing, then, the sport has been a platform to build and nurture relationships. Being in the woods and in the rivers chasing trout with a fly rod is a curative. Those experiences led my business partner Taylor Sharp and me to found Casting for Hope, a nonprofit organization domiciled in North Carolina that uses fly fishing for good. Hosting fly-fishing tournaments and clinics assists our fundraising programs in order to program fly-fishing retreats and financial assistance for and to women and families following a diagnosis of ovarian or another gynecological cancer.

When I’m not crushed with a backlog of orders, fly tying provides a great outlet for creativity and the best opportunity for R&D in fishing! While I do enjoy tying hyper realistic and complex patterns, more and more these days, I’m more and more called to tying quick and easy patterns that wreck fish!

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