Born in Pescara in 1984, he approached fly fishing only in November 2012 thanks to a mini-course of the SIM, Italian School of Fly Fishing.


After learning the rudiments of the casting techniques, he met Eri D'Addario and Roberto Brenda, who followed him in the first steps of the construction of artificial flies. He immediately became passionate about the art of fly tying and began to deepen his story by experimenting with classical models. Driven by Roberto, he started to study a bit of entomology and to approach macrophotography. Thanks to Mike Valla's books, he became passionate about Catskill style and started to study its history and construction methods. He opened a channel on YouTube where he shares his construction videos, especially classic flies with original dressing, he has over 2000 subscription at this time.


In 2016 he ranked third in the 29th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship in the Dry Fly category and took part in the 13th Sim Fly Festival as a fly tier.


In November 2016 he attended the bamboo rodmaking course organized by the IBRA and also started this adventure.


In May 2017 he was invited to Norway for the Nordic Fly Fair, where he was able to build seated alongside David Stenstrom, one of the best Catskill-style flies, an experience that made him grow both as a builder and at a human level.


In June 2017 he took part in the 14th Sim Fly Festival. Thanks to his friend Stefano Tieri he is passionate about the classic salmon full dressed and took part in the first Classic Fly Tying Open with excellent results.


In September 2017, together with other friends, he founded the Mosca Club Pescara, of which he is president. 


In February 2018 he was invited as guest for the Fly Tying Experience, a construction event at the Pescare Show in Vicenza.

In 2018 he became a member of Cottarelli Pro Team and Partridge.