My name is Maxime Allaire Beaudoin also known as MaxMab FlyTying. My first experience with fishing was back in 1991 when I was just 1 years old. My dad loves fishing so he took me with him even when I was very young - probably too young to fish but it started there. Years after years I started fishing with my dad more often and the passion start to grow.

At 20 years old I was reading about fishing and I started looking at Fly Fishing but it was almost winter and not really the time to start fly fishing here in Québec, what with all the snow and the 8 inch ice on the river!!!! So why not try and learn Fly Tying .... I didn't even know if I would like it but who cares, I knew inside me I would fall in love once more with my passion.

So, I started by buying a vise, some gear and some feathers and I tried to learn by myself on the internet with Step By Steps. At first I though 'what have I bought? .... I can barely tie anything decent' but I didn't stop, fly after fly asking for help on fishing forums, Youtube video etc and I started to get better and better, always trying to push my skills to reach perfection - my idea of perfection.

The winter was finaly done and it was time to try all the flys I had made, and once again the deception 'wow it was hard to cast ... In my fly fishing video it looked so easy - why its not???' Again I learned by myselft asking for help on the internet and forums, and day after day I was practicing my cast on the river without catching anything! The fish probably saw my cast and didn’t want to bite that haha!! But one day I caught my first fish and it was a small bass not even 1 pound but wow that feeling of catching a fish with your own fly was amazing.

Now here we are 4 years later living my passion everyday, trying to tie atleast one fly per day and waiting every winter to end so I can start fly fishing again.

Im so proud to join the Family of Partridge of Redditch, it will help to grow my passion to another level.