Mauro Raspini has been fly fishing for thirty years. He began building artificial flies before he had even learned how to cast. He considers building flies a form of art comparable to painting and architecture. An art, which as happens with painting and architecture, involves a lot of knowledge. An art which cannot be separated from the study of insects and of the past.Today, his collection of ancient texts includes over 250 volumes and just as many invertebrates fill his array of test tubes. He collaborates with international magazines has been collaborating with Fly Line for over twenty years. In 2001, he published “La Roccia Condivisa”, “The Shared Rock, writings of flies, fish, rivers and other stories”. He is president of the Ichthyos association and of the Altotevere Mosca Club, manager of the homonymous Tail Water and of the World Tuscany Open and has consistently championed the protection of fluvial environments. 
Carrying out numerous projects in schools, he has encouraged education on such environments. Pens, hammers and scalpels, brushes, gouges, lenses for macrophotography and the computer are the instruments which he uses to capture the moments of river life. These tools also allow him to investigate – at times in an esoteric fashion – the small dimension of the insects to understand the large dimension of the universe. 
A guest at the largest events both in Europe and in the US, participating as a nature builder and photographer, he appeared in the prestigious publication “Fly Tyers of the World”. Fly Fisherman of the Year in 2007, Mauro is Partridge of Redditch International Pro Team. In 2011 he published the work “The Fly” in two volumes. The first, titled ‘The Fly – The genesis’ explores the history of artificial fly making with the intent of perpetuating culture and memory in a comprehensive way. The second, titled: ‘The Fly- Sacred and Profane’, is a book on dressings and their elaboration. In 2012 he published “CDC Evolution”, available in Italian, English and French.


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