I have been fishing since the age of 6, and turned to fly fishing only at the age of 18, for nearly forty years, I have spent most of my free time on river banks, with the same passion and enthusiasm.

My curiosity and innovative nature, have made me interested in all kinds of fish and I like to experiment with new flies and techniques.

My favorite fish are Trout, Grayling and Salmon, but through the years, I have fished all over the world, catching with the fly, from Himalayan Masher to Sailfish, from Huchen to Tarpon, from Steelhead to Pike, enjoying every single day on the river.

I am an IFFF Certified Master Casting Instructor, Two Hand Casting Instructor.  My time has also been involved  in the development of new products as G.Loomis, and Patagonia Pro Staff.

As journalist and photographer, I have worked with Italian and International Fly Fishing magazines and in 2014 I co-authored the book Simple Fly Fishing, with Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews, considered the manifesto of a new, very easy way to approach fly fishing .

To the angling passion I have always joint a big commitment to conservation, supporting from local fishing association, to the Atlantic Salmon Federation, and writing articles trying to make people aware of the risk to which the environment is exposed, by our “modern” life style.