From Tuscan origins and borned in 1964, at the present he lives and works close to Turin.

He starts fishing at a very young age, in 1970, and a few years late he arrives at the world of competition whose he devoted himself practicing stream trout andlake trout.

Moreover he was founder and President of “Team Lago Gioia” for seven years. Thanks to a friend,he approaches to fly fishing and instantly he remains fascinated by it. So he starts building fly fishing and this art becomes as a“illness” for him. Actually with a group of friends he sorts out the section of “CIPM Valle di Lanzo” and later he is editor for PIPAM, “Pagina italiana pescatori a mosca” (Italian Page Fly Fisher) and a member of the “Old River Fly Club Torino, Pro Team Alpi Flyfishing”.

President and strong supporter of I.F.T.A. (“Italian Fly Tyers Association”),he is always a beliver in this Association and in the construction of artificial flies. He really like to create lake fly fishing, but also sea fly fishing. His passion for mechanic let him know Franco Cottarelli, owner of CTA and a great builder of vise made in Italy. So Massimo becomes Tester and Pro Team.

He collaborates with some magazines regarding fly fishing : “Confluenze magazine” and “La pesca  mosca e spinning”. Besides he is co-author of the book “Ricette di Costruzione ”.He has a global vision of fly fishing eventhough he prefers nymph fishing. His favorite waters are rivers and streams of medium and large scale at the end of a valley.

He usually says regarding Fly Tyer: "remember, whenever you observe someone with a clap, look at him very well and try to catch the smallest thing as to treasure it".