Justin Carfagnini a.k.a. CARF grew up and still resides just outside of Chicago with his girlfriend and their 2 dogs.  He was introduced to fishing with conventional gear as a kid by his Father and Grandfather. 

In 2009 a friend of his insisted he buy a fly rod, and after catching his first bass on a top water fly, he was hooked to fly fishing.  Justin loves fishing for warm water species such as bass, northern pike, and musky, so, if you're ever looking for him, it's a safe bet he's wandering around and exploring what the Midwest has to offer.  Two years after he started fly fishing, he bought a vise, learned that he loves tying big flies, and further learned that he loves it even more when big fish eat the flies that he's tied. 

Justin is always willing to share his knowledge of the sport, providing others with tips and tricks he has learned over the years.

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