I live in a village in West Wales called Talybont, seven miles from Aberystwyth. The Snowdonia National Park lies only a few miles to the north and the Cambrian Mountains begin almost on my doorstep - both areas are peppered with wild brown trout waters - some large and some small, some good and some bad - but all I require to go fishing.

I was born in Aberfeldy in Scotland and have been fishing for wild brown trout for over sixty years. Apart from the odd fish for the dinner plate, I fished solely for pleasure for many years until, in the early 1980's, I was invited to join a local angling club. There, I gradually became involved in competition matches at both National and International level.

During the last thirty odd years I have been heavily involved in all aspects of competitive angling in the United Kingdom and Ireland. I first represented my adopted country Wales in an International match in 1988 and have been a regular member of the Welsh Loch-Style Fly Fishing teams during the four decades since. I captained the Welsh team in 2003 on what would sadly prove to be the last International match ever to be fished on Loch Leven, the most iconic wild brown trout fishery in the world - Scotland, hang your head in shame !! In 1996 1 was a member of the Welsh World Championships team that fished on Loughs Corrib and finished in silver medal position. I was also nominated for Welsh Sport's Performance Coach of the Year in 2007 during the five period I coached the Welsh Senior Loch-Style Team - winning 5 gold medals.

I was elected to serve as Chairman of the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association for two years, 2012 and 2013 and, also during 2013 1 had the honour of being President of the International Fly Fishing Association.

My first love is to fish and tie flies that catch me truly wild brown trout. Ireland is my favourite fishing country - just to drift the Great Western Loughs such as Corrib, Mask and Conn, to my mind, represents the ultimate challenge to the wild trout angler.

During the last ten or so years I have written over one hundred features for numerous fly fishing magazines in the UK and Ireland. My personal methods and style of tying traditional wet flies have been much influenced by the writings of Dr E J Malone and Tommy Hanna and the obsessive belief that the use of mobile hen hackles in their construction helps creates a more lifelike and effective wet fly. I regularly demonstrate my fly tying methods and techniques at many of the major International shows, such as the BFFI and the Irish Fly Fair in Galway and at many clubs on the FDG circuit in the UK.

I am the self-publishing author of the highly acclaimed, bestselling book on Classic Loch - Style Wet flies " At the End of the Line " launched at the Irish Fly Fair in Galway in 2016.