My name is Fabien Moulin and I’m originally from Switzerland. I’ve been living in Norway for more than ten years and fish mostly in the woods nearby for wild brown trout following the different hatches with my own Dry Flies from late April until the end of the season in September.


My motivation for flytying is simple. Everything starts with a naked hook! Thereafter different techniques, materials, replicating, researching, testing and ultimately the fishing – with one sole objective, to tie a fly that the fish will take!


In 2018 I completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards of the Fly Dresser´s Guild and have always been curious about all types of flies and techniques. My goal is to be a complete fly dresser, therefore learning, repetition and practice are a big part of my fly tying time.


I was privileged to tie flies on the Fly Dressers Row at the BFFI 2020 in England. This was a  fantastic experience and an opportunity to learn more, meet fellow fly dressers and share with visitors to the show.


In 2019 I made third place in the 32th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship in the Wet Fly / Nymph category. This year, 2020, I made second place in the 33th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship in the Streamer category and took third place in the Dry Fly category. 


Flytying is fantastic!