Born and raised on the banks of the mighty St. Mary’s River, Nova Scotia, Canada; Chris Sinclair has been immersed in the world of fly fishing and the outdoors since he was a child. Watching fly fisherman angle large multi-sea winter-fish just a short walk from his front door was the driving force in his fly fishing career. Chris has been fly fishing since 2008 and being raised in the country, he learned the way of the woods at a young age. This provided him an excellent segue to becoming a fishing guide. 

His love of the outdoors drew him to guiding for Brook Trout on an amateur basis at the tender age of 14 on his local rivers and streams of Nova Scotia. Hes now been guiding professionally for Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon at esteemed lodges in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada since 2016. 

Chris is also an proficient fly tyer, and has been tying at outdoor shows and fishing conclaves across Canada for the past 8 years. His fly tying is multifaceted; although specializing in traditional Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon patterns, he also tying predator flies, new age streamers and Euro-style nymphs. The passion of angling has motivated Chris to pursue a career in fisheries science, while still allowing him to continue his angling and outdoor pursuits.