I still remember my first day of fishing, when I was just a baby, in a small creek on the French hills of Burgogne. I was accompanied by an old uncle of my father, who left Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century, moving to France. Every little thing that day, every second, seemed pure magic. I am sure that he never knew that those moments were etched in my memory and have represented a foundation in my life. 

Most intense years of my fly fishing activity brought me roaming Alps and Balkan countries, in search of greylings and trouts. Actually focusing on brownies, marbles and all sort of native trouts. But, mostly I fish in the pursuit of dreams, to experience the wilderness, to live the intensity of whole nature.

Doing this, I find in late years some of my home rivers in Lapland, where I find myself just merging with colours, with the river flowing, with the sound of the wind, with the magic sky of the North Pole.

In order to keep memories alive, I could not resist the temptation to create stories, and this led me to write articles about the best things I’ve experienced, and on that, the ones yet to come. But, the fun of writing is nothing, compared to the passion of reading. I am in love with books and of course with fly fishing books. Fine, rare, old, ancient books, on history, culture, flies, rivers, people, on everything that allows me to get closer to the beauty of fly fishing.