Biographical Sketch - Bob Clouser
Bob's love of the outdoors, especially fishing, led him into the fishing business. He continues to , teach and share his enjoyment with others.

Seminar's, Schools and Trips
Bob now teaches fly tying, fly casting and fishing. His casting demonstrations, using visual aids and casting weighted flies and lines are very popular. Bob holds freshwater and saltwater fly fishing/casting schools at various locations around the country. He also hosts trips to great fresh and saltwater locations.

Clouser's lectures, tying demonstrations and presentations are given nationwide. He is sought after for his presentations on (Fly Fishing for Bass, Smallmouth/Largemouth) Catching Bass from top to bottom using flies.  (Fly Fishing Adventures) about various species that can be caught on flies. Bob's Fly Casting Demonstration, How to Cast Weighted Flies and Lines is highly sought after. Bob is frequently called upon for participating in charity events.

Videos and Publications.
Bob has been featured in many fine fly fishing and fly tying videos and DVD's, Some of these are instructional videos, which can be found in retail shops across the country, some have been presented on national television. Bob is also a prolific  and highly regarded author of fly fishing and fly tying articles. His articles have been published in national and regional magazines as well as in fresh and saltwater publications. He has completed two books (Clouser Flies) of which contains 16 of his world wide recognized fly patterns. His other book (Fly Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams) rated by fly fisherman Magazine as ( Best on the Subject) it contains techniques and flies for catching smallmouth bass. Bob enjoys doing freelance outdoor photography.

Fly Patterns and Industry Affiliations
Clouser is the innovator of many fine fly patterns, all of which world wide popularity. His flies include, The Clouser Minnow, The Half and Half, The Clouser Crayfish, Swimming Nymph, Crippled Minnow, Mad Tom, The Darter, Hellgrammite, E_Z Popper, Floating Minnow, Precision Frog and many others. Bob"s Clouser Minnow is claimed to be the most effective under water fly ever developed; rated as #1 by Field and Stream Magazine. He is on the advisory staff for Temple Fork Outfitters and has designed a line of (Clouser Fly Rods) with Temple Fork Outfitters. He is also on staff with Rainy's Flies inc., Chota Outdoor Gear, Renzetti Inc. Cortland Line Co. and Costa Delmar Sunglass Co..

Bob has been presented numerous awards for his strong conservation work, especially work done to enhance smallmouth bass fishing in Pennsylvania. Most notable among his awards are his induction into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame as Legendary Angler. In 2009 he was inducted into the Catskill Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, He was presented the Warm Water Committee Achievement Award, The Dr. Henshall Award,  by the Federation of Fly Fishers. Bob was National Angler of the Year 2000 by Fly Rod and Reel Magazine. He is a strong supporter of recreational fishing as well as conservation. He was awarder the 1995 Conservation Award of the year presented by the Susquehanna Smallmouth Alliance, and in 1997 The Charles K. Fox Rising Trout Conservation Award presented by the Cumberland Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, he was also inducted into the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum.