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Artist, illustrator, author, fly-fisherman & tier as well as the founder of the Dutch Fly Fair, Ad has worn many hats through his impressive career.

Ad's work has been featured in various exhibitions, by the N.I.C. (Dutch illustrators association), at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, where he has won several prizes over a period of years. His paintings of birds and fish often set amongst moody clouded skies that seem to drift over you as you look at the work, have proved very popular.

As a photographer, he has photographed fashion, landscapes, and natural history in addition to fishing scenes. His work is now sought after to compliment articles in magazines and books etc. As a writer, he is now in considerable demand both in continental Europe and the U.K. In 1997 Ad was honored with the award of 'Pike Angler of the Year' by the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain & Ireland. His pike fly patterns as well as his innovative barbless hooks have gained him the name “Mr. Pike” throughout Europe, England and Ireland, which he considers his second home.

His latest book, “Passion for Pike” has achieved worldwide acclaim.
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