The Nordic Hunting and Fishing Days in Elverum, Norway, is a versatile family event and the country’s most important meeting place for hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. For both public and exhibitors it is a "must" to make the trip to the Norwegian Forestry Museum in Elverum year after year.

The hunting and fishing show is an important meeting for several reasons; One is buying and selling, but just as important is the exchange of information and being able to talk to professionals and experienced anglers and hunters. Each year the visitor numbers reach several thousands.

I was invited to participate at the fly tiers board and even though most of the activities and stands and tents are located on the outdoor facilities of the Norwegian Forestry Museum, the fly tying board is located inside the museum. It is a bit quieter here and a little off the beaten tracks of the show, which has it´s advantage. The focus is really on getting people to engage in fly tying.

This year for the first time my partner in crime Konstanse Larsen had the opportunity to tie at a show. I really enjoyed working in a team and with two people knowing each others tying so well as we do, this can really take care of the request. We spent time answering specific product questions and explaining the tying steps of the flies we tie but of course we also added a little bit of fish tales to the mix.

Kids loved this too. They really got engaged and added a level of complexity to the tying. Having a group of genuinely interested 4 to 8 year olds literally crawling all over you makes tying even a simple fly a challenge. But this was definitely an enjoyable moment to remember. 

[Above: Real Caddis tied by Konstanse Larsen on a Partridge CZ #10]

[Above: Konstanse Larsen tying and below: demonstrating to some children at the show]