Sportfiskemässan, held in Jönköping started on Friday March the 22nd at 9am and finished up on the Sunday at 4pm.

The event welcomed 7 Partridge tiers onto the Fly tyers row including, Roy Christie who had travelled from Ireland, Andreas Andersson, Håkan Karsnäser, Niklas Dahlin and Ulf Hagström from Sweden as well as Marit Kronen and Jon Strand from Norway.

Jon Strand - 'The Swedes, with Håkan and Niklas in charge of the flytying part, had done an excellent job in preparation! It was all ready to go, tables and chairs, all gathered in one location making it easy for visitors to follow the respective tiers! During the event, there were several thousands of visitors all together, and hundreds and hundreds passed our stands!

The Swedes were fantastic in showing their hospitality and friendship, they're easy to get along with, and on Saturday evening, they even invited us all home for a private dinner, at Håkan's place! This whole event was excellent to demonstrate the respective PATRIOT hooks, in our Regal vises (quite a few of them actually)'