Paul Arden's Sexyloops website and forum is a melting pot for many flyfishing enthusiasts and instructors from all over the world.

They held their “Annual Sexyloops Meet” in Scotland from April 30th to May 3rd and flycasting, fishing, tying, demonstrations, competitions and much more was on the agenda.

Partridge PRO-Team Member Thomas Zullich was invited to give fly tying demonstrations and hold talks about how to teach fly tying to Groups and individuals and we sponsored the event with special packets of Partridge hooks for all participants

'It was a very interesting event. We had many very active discussions, specifically in the evenings after the outdoor activities. I learned so much this weekend, it’s unbelievable. We all shared as much of our knowlwedge as we possibly could. - Thomas Züllich

'We've just had another fantastic Scottish Meet. A really fantastic weekend I think with perhaps our best ever Shootout. Lots learned, some fantastic presentations and excellent company.' - Paul Arden