Roger Enger Lie has been organising Flytyers row at The Nordic Fly Fair for some years, here he tells us about this years event at Elverum, Norway...


'The Nordic Fly Fair was first arranged back in the early 90´s starring some of the most famous tyers like Wayne Luallen, Gary Borger and Gary Lafontaine.

This special event was only arranged a few times due to a small amount of visitors.

In 2009 it was back with a good show and tyers, casters and some local standholders. It has been arranged every year since this year.

I have been responsible for being the one to put together the Flytyers row for a few years now. It’s a lot of work but I really do enjoy it very much.

The tyers area was built up on Friday morning.


Jon Strand and Anders Skau are talking about flies and feathers. Great guys with a lot of skills.



















Niklas Dahlin is showing the crowd how to tie the Catskill style dry flies.


Andreas Andersson was also one of the tyers this year. One of his customers managed to catch a 2,8 kilo brown trout on one of his flies on the opening day of the fair. Could it actually get any better? 





















Deer hair flies tied by Andreas Andersson













Classic salmon fly tyer Long Nguyen is a true master with his vise, feather and steel. 















Thanks to Partridge of Reddich for giving away some high quality fly hooks to the tyers. It was much appreciated and a great gesture. 

There was also a bunch of Partridge PRO-Team members at this years row, Andreas Andersson and Niklas Dahlin from Sweden and Jon Strand and Marit Kronen from Norway.'











Tight Lines,

Roger Enger Lie