Partridge PRO-Team members Jon Strand and Niklas Dahlin were invited to show their skills at the SiM Festival in Castel de Sangro, Italy, over the last weekend. 

Castle de Sangro is a small mountain village in the south east of Italy, it is situated in the Abruzzo area near the Adriatic sea. The festival was held in an monastery that goes back to the 1500´s, the SiM organisation have restorated the monastery and it is now a flyfishing museum. 

Besides 20 tyers there were also a few trade stands and cane builders. Outside they had a nice little casting pond where another Partridge member, Stevie Munn showed his casting skills. We were treated with local wine, mozzarella and not to forget a nice and really interested audience. 

Jon and I took the opportunity of catching the atmosphere from the monastery and tied really traditional flies. I tied Theodore Gordon´s Quill Gordon and Jon was knocking out some Royal Coachman Fanwings. The afternoons were spent at nearby river Sangro fishing for beautiful trout and rainbows. The nice trout in the picture was taken on an Parachute Quill Adams tied on a Partridge SLD size 18. The trout and I had quite a rumble together but the delicate hook did it´s job.

Both Jon and I had the time of our lives and totally agree that this was the best show we have been to. The staff at SiM really knows how to get their crowd to feel welcome and taken care off.