Allan Liddle's June Tutorial is the Silver Muddler. To tie this fly using Allans step-by-step tutorial, click on the materials image at the bottom of this blog post!

Last month Allan took us through the Deadly 'Dirty Duster', click here to find out more.


With a trip to the fantastic Letterewe Estate looming I thought it time I topped up my wild loch trout box and fill a few gaps in the Mini Muddler section.

These water moving flies can be devastatingly effective especially when there’s a bit of a wind and ‘Short Line’ tactics are employed where you either skip and trip them across the wave tops and troughs bringing the most spectacular of takes by the fish, or lift them through the surface which often brings a simply savage response - no need to worry about setting the hook here.

Alternatively you can work these flies sub-surface which is also an effective way to fish them, although admittedly not as spectacular.

On request from one of my friends joining me on the trip (there’s ten of us in total so I’m sure the Après Fish atmosphere will be as much fun as the fishing itself) I was tying up a few flies for him which reminded me of this old favourite and I hate to think just how long it’s been since I last tied it up.

Not to worry that’s the box topped off now, and in case of emergencies the tying kit will be packed for the journey too.



Hook: Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme (G3A/L) size 10 – 16

Thread: Black Uni 6/0

Tag: Glowbrite Floss no11

Rib: Medium Silver Wire

Body: Silver Lurex Tinsel

Hackle: Grey Dun Cock (Palmered)

Muddler Head: Fine Deer Hair Dyed Grey Dun




Allan Liddle

Based in Moray in Scotland's North East, Allan has specialises with the wild trout from the rivers and burns, lochs and lochans throughout Mainland Scotland and the Isles. A strong passion for fishing simple dries he feels there's nothing better than to see the fish take off the top, but isn't slow to fish a range of different styles when mood or conditions dictate. Although trout is his first love Allan occasionally chases the Salmon, Grayling stocked fish and even dabbles in salt water when the chance arises.

Allan has also represented Scotland at international level, is a GAIA qualified trout instructor and a has been a regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for almost twenty years. Allan’s love of fly tying spans almost thirty years and has been a regular at many tying demonstrations and work shops prior to, and since joining the Partridge Pro-Team in 2013.

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