It may seem bizarre that we now see health warnings appearing on fishing tackle and in our case, hooks.

The reason for this is because Partridge takes the US market more seriously these days than it used to!

Since taking over Partridge from Mustad in 2009, ALL hook packing is now made in England and the labels are printed on site. We have standardised them so that now one label covers the world and complies with US / California labeling laws - you can see the same thing on all the Japanese hook makers like Owner too.

Our hooks (and everyone else’s too) are made in the same way as they always were - there are no new ingredients or finishes and do not pose a threat to fish or fly dresser!!

You may not be aware there is legislation being pushed in Europe for a lead ban right now … its not just lead shot in coarse fishing. Lead is used in the processing of brass so that it can be turned easily to make reel parts - hence any reels or tackle with brass parts could be said to contain lead … this is the reality of today’s industry and so it’s only a matter of time before reels come with the same warning !