When it comes to the Partridge HE2 hook, PRO-Team member Hakan Karsnaser certainly knows how to tie on it. Hakan has tied many beautiful flies on the Bartleet XL Blindeye, a hook that is ideal for Spey presentation patterns. The HE2 encorporates a dublin bend dropped-point with medium-weight and a long-shank classic blind-eyed iron. 

Here we feature several of Hakan's flies - his own patterns and those with names you may recognise;




Lady Caroline

Hook: HE2 #1/0 + Silk gut eye

Tail: Red Goldne Pheasant breast feather

Body: Olive-Brown Berlin wool

Rib: Flat and Oval Gold

Hackle: Grey Heron or Eared Pheasant

Throat: Red Golden Pheasant breast feather

Wing: Bronze Mallaed


Gold Riach

Hook: HE2 #1/0 + Silk gut eye

Body: 1/3 Orange and the rest black Berlin wool

Rib: Narrow Flat gold, gold and silver twist, wound reverse and equal distance apart

Hackle: Brown Spey Hackle

Throat: Teal

Wing: Bronze Mallard



Highland Gem

Hook: HE2 #1/0 + Silk gut eye

Tag: Silver Twist and Yellow Floss

Tail: Ibis and Summer Duck

Butt: Black Ostrich

Body: Section1: Yellow Silk ribbed with fine oval Silver, veiled with Toucan (Bird of Paradise) above and below and butted with Black Ostrich. Section 2: Blue silk ribbed with broad, flat silver and fine oval Silver

Hackle: Black Heron over Blue silk

Throat: Guinea Fowl

Wing: Amherst Pheasant Tail and 3 Toppings

Horn: Black Coockatoo