Do you ever have a problem changing a fly whilst fishing in the dark?

Thomas Zullich found this to be an ever increasing issue - so found a way to ease the struggle!


Insects hatch in the evening when it gets dark, and then fish really start feeding on them. That‘s at least what one keeps hearing.

So what do you do to change a fly?

Have you ever been eyesore? I mean really having trouble seeing that little hole on the fly where the tippet is supposed to go? It never occurred to me during daytime of course. It is always the case that in the evening with a low sun those fish are set out to only take the smallest flies …and even smaller.

For these moments I have a simple, actually a very simple solution. Just thread your flies on a tippet material loop (make sure you thread both ends through the eye of the flyhook.) Add a little paper clip which stops them from escaping and the flies can now easily be transferred from the storage-loop onto the tippet on your leader. Just take away the paper clip, bring your leader through where the clip was before and push the fly from one loop to the other. Move it up the leader until that loop opens and you can take the tippet out and put the paper clip back. Very simple.

The pre threaded flies can be stored in a compartment of your box, or you can attach the string in a foam flybox with a security pin or something similar. I leave that up to you.

- Thomas

Illustration (c) Caroline Züllich.