This weeks Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jason Renaud, it's the Silver Bullet!

In both the fall and the spring, fly-fisherman flock to river mouths that feed into large lakes or oceans in pursuit of hard fighting anadromous and migratory species of fish such as salmon, steelhead, zander/walleye, lake trout, and the voracious suckerfish. 

Encountering mostly deep, slow-flowing water, fly-fisherman leave delicate presentation to the way side, and equip themselves with their favorite, most stout loch outfit in preparation for the requirements of river mouth fishing: to cast sinking line as far as possible to optimize each drift; and to get a streamer down into the feeding column as quickly as possible. 

A very easy patter to tie, Jay's Silver-Bullet is THE go-to streamer pattern for river mouth conditions for two reasons. First, with its hackle-less design, it will quickly sink down deep into the water column, despite drag from current or retrieval strips. Also, with its narrow outline and blend of white and silver, it imitates baitfish such as herring, alewives, and sardines--favorites among anadromous and fresh water migratory species. In addition, Partridge of Redditch's spear point barbless design allows for superior penetration and nail/wedge-like hold in even hard jawed fish such as salmon. 

Truly an effective streamer pattern for many species, you will find that Jay's Silver-Bullet will become one of your main confidence patterns--even when fly-fishing for inland, warm water species. 


Hook: Size 6 Partridge of Redditch Ideal Streamer

Thread: 70 Denier UV Orange

Bead: 3.5mm Silver Tungsten

Tail: White Marabou and Pearl Flash

Abdomen: Medium Silver Cactus/Ice Chenille