This weeks Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Kevin Hospodar, it's the Emerald Shanker.


Partridge Waddington shank 25mm
Partridge z4 Inruder Hook – sz4
Gold flat braid
Chartruse and Black Arctic Fox tails
Micro Pearl Flash
Jungle Cock eyes


This has become my go to fly for Lake Erie Steelhead. The waddington shank adds enough weight to get the fly down and it is “even weight” the keeps the fly nice and level.

The Arctic Fox is a great material with lots of movement. Having the under wing tied in reverse keeps a nice profile in the water yet it has no bulk when casting, and is really the key to this pattern. It also creates a small pocket between the shank and and under wing where the flashabou is allowed to move while the flat braid gives solid form for a great bottom view for holding fish.


Secure the shank in the vise and tie in your hook.
(I love my Regal, and the big game jaws really shine with waddingtons)

Wrap forward on the fireline.

Run the fireline thought the eye then back down the shank to the rear and secure
(this doubleing back will prevent and slippage)

Trim the butt end of the fireline.

Tie in the flat braid.

Secure all the way to the rear of the shank and then wrap back to the eye.

Wrap the flat braid up to the eye in even non overlapping wraps to create a smooth body.

Cut a clump of Arctic fox tail.

Remove both the under fur and the long guard hairs.

Tie in reverse.

Fold the AF back and make a few wraps in front to get the hair facing the right direction.

(your wraps should only serve as a dam to pus the hair up, do not wrap over the hair to lay it flat)

Cut a clump of black Arctic Fox.

Remove the under fur, as you remove the guard hairs, set them aside for the next step.

Tie in the hair with the tips facing rear.

Tie in 4 flashabou strands per side and then tie in the back guard hairs.

Add jungle cock eyes.


Whip finish.

Cement the head and fish it

You can make some variations depending on personal preferences

lead eyes, hackle tips, more flash or no flash.

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Kevin Hospodar

Kevin is a self-taught fly fisherman and tier currently living in Pittsburgh PA.  His passion for all things fly sparked when he found his grandfathers old fiberglass rod and cork poppers at a young age.  Summers of harassing local bluegill and bass has transformed into fishing and tying to follow the seasons, including steelhead, warmwater, predator, and trout flies.   Kevin is currently the Content Director for Hatches Magazine, member of the Regal Vise Pro Staff, and scheming his next trip.

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