This weeks Fly Friday comes from PRO-Team member Xavier Courchinoux it's the Streamer Pike!

I offer this arrangement to track down the pike in congested areas, the assembly is achieved points up.


Hooks: Extreme Predator X 4/0 Lock Bend


Glide N Glint

Lateral flash holo


Eyes 8mm

Deer Creek UV resin


To start, I took bucktail to protect the fibers of the tip of the hook and hold the fibre.

Then I realized by mixing Gliss N Glint and the back side Holo, this is the most mobile streamer.

We must give volume to the body: for this, I double the fibre over the first part.

Finally, I get the head of the stream using Baitfish.

Here it is ready to go track down the pike in areas with vegetation!

Good fishing