This week's Fly Friday is a Fly that was included in a Fly Tying Tutorial from June last year by PRO-Team member Andre Miegies.

You can find the tutorial by clicking here!


Hook: Partridge Surehold lightning dry barbless, size 10-12  
Thread: Uni 8/0 rusty brown
Shellback: 2mm orange foam
Legs: tarantula rubber legs, black/ orange
Body: rusty brown ice-dubbing
Antennae: bristles from a paint-brush, black

Andre Miegies

My name is André Miegies, I am 47 years old and live together with my lovely wife Wilma and my dog Dexter in a small town called Soest, situated in the center of Holland, close to the big rivers and lakes. For me fishing is a way of life, for the last 30 years I fished only with a fly rod for pike, perch, bream, roach, Ide and rudd, because we don't have rivers with salmon and trout in. Outside the Netherlands I fish mostly for grayling and trout and every year I visit the Scandinavian countries for a holiday and some fishing. I have also fished in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and hopefully there are more to come. Fly tying for me is even more important than fishing. Working with different kinds of material and creating something you can fool a fish with feels great!! I don't have a certain style, I actually tie everything from classic salmon flies to pike flies and everything in between.

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