This weeks 59th Fly Friday is this beautiful 'Pike Snack' from PRO-Team member Daniela Misteli.


Fly fishing for Pike is so much fun, but with our deep lakes in Switzerland it's not always easy to find them, so we have to cast a lot. This fly is great to cast the whole day, because the synthetic material does not absorb the water but really "plays" a lot. 

Just start with the curled part of the big fly fibers followed by some flash. Cover up all by some buck tail hair in and another color to give it a contrast. Then I tie in the straight rest of the big fly fibers and to give it a little more volume I cover it again with some buck tail. The head is formed by some craft fur in a dubbing-loop and finished with a head to give it a easy water entry. 

For easy casting I do not add some weight, but using a sink tip or a sinking line to get deeper. 

Name of the Fly: Pike Snack

What to use: 

Hook: Absolute Predator (CS45)

Big Fly Fibers


Some Flash

Craft Fur