Fly Friday #54 is from our Talent Pathway member Phillippa Hake who has chosen the Olive F Fly which is one of the collection of flies that can be seen in the images below!


Olive F fly 

Hook:  Partridge Fine Dry #14 

Thread: Olive Sheer 14/0

Body: Olive sheer 14/0 

Wing: Natural CDC 

Thorax: Hares ear (optional) 

Butt: Small mirage tinsel (optional) 

The F fly is simple to tie and requires minimal components to tie it with. I fish this fly in the slower water when fishing on the river with deadly effects! I sometimes add some small mirage Tinsel to the fly wrapped around the butt end to give added sparkle when it's sitting on the surface. You can also add some hears ear as a thorax - not much though!