Fly Friday #36 is from PRO-Team member Jason Renaud!

Winter can be a challenging season on both the pocket book and the wits. As fly fisherman endure the winter elements for the sake of passion, or to simply decompress after the holidays, they also face the most challenging fly fishing conditions of the year--low temperatures and low flow levels of streams and rivers. These conditions make an already extremely spooky and selective fish species even more spooky and selective.

Many patterns fool weary winter trout, but the Winter's May is my go-to pattern. A version of a quill-body mayfly larvae, it is designed to be abstract enough to imitate many insect species, yet detailed enough to fool winter trout that seem to all but touch most offerings with their eyeballs before refusing to take. In low-flow conditions, it's heavy bead, curved shank, and bulky profile allow it to drift down to and along the bottom naturally without hanging up.

Effective colors may vary per region, but this combination of colors has proven especially effective in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Hook: Grub and Buzzer size 16
Thread: 6/0 Chartreuse
Tail: Coq de Leon fibers
Body/Rib: Coq de Leon quill
Thorax: Black and Chartreuse UV Ice dubbing blend
Bead: Copper 2.5mm



Jason Renaud started fishing when he was three years old with his grandfather on the banks of the Detroit River catching perch. At the age of 15 he taught himself how to fly fish out of curiosity for a new way to catch fish. His first catch on a fly rod, believe it or not, was a channel catfish taken with a hex pattern.