Today's Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member, Steve Silverio and it is another perfect fly for the holiday season. It will also give some more inspiration to anyone wanting to enter the Partridge Christmas Card Competition!


Here is a fly I call "Sleigh Rider", tied on a Partridge Carrie Stevens Streamer and sporting the colors of the Season.

The Recipe for the Sleigh Rider:

Hook: Carrie Stevens Streamer CS15 #2

Tail: Topping with red Macaw feather

Tag: Fine gold oval tinsel

Butt: Peacock herl

Body: Flat silver tinsel with red, green & gold medium wire

Belly: Peacock over white bucktail

Wing: Four white hackle facing, with white, green & red dyed Silver Laced Wyandotte hen feathers layered in on either side. Green dyed Mallard over a topping

Cheeks: Peacock breast feather over a pair of Golden Pheasant breast feathers

Beard: Green dyed Mallard over a topping

Eye: Jungle Cock nails

Head: Red



Tying flies since the age of fourteen on a “homemade rotary vise”, Steve has ventured into all forms of the fly-tying art. Known primarily for his innovative saltwater & large predator flies, Steve has developed patterns for many species from striped bass to sailfish and is constantly experimenting with new natural materials for his designs.