Today the Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Rich Strolis. Rich has tied The Olive Bloody Baitfish on a Partridge Universal Predator hook.

Looking for a relatively simple, lightweight small to medium sized baitfish imitation?  Here is a fairly quick tie that should fit the bill rather nicely.

Hook:  Partridge Universal Predator size 1/0-6

Thread:  UTC 140 Olive. 

Eyes:  CCG Molded Eyes 3/16” color Smoke. 

Tail:  White Marabou. 

Body:  Pearl Flat Diamond Braid. 

Rib:  Medium Red Ultra Wire. 

Wing:  1/8” Olive Variant Rabbit Strip.

Belly:  Pearl Ice Dub. 

Gills:  Red Ice Dub.

The Bloody Baitfish is nothing more than a variation of a zonker with a little more movement to the overall design. This is a streamer pattern that can easily be modified to any color scheme that you please by simply changing the thread and rabbit strip colour. If you really want a very durable fly, coat the diamond braid with a layer of Clear Cure Goo Hydro before tying in the belly section and the fly will last even longer.

This particular streamer can also be altered in regards to weight, based solely on the type of dumbbell eyes you tie it with. The version pictured is weightless and can be cast on a 4 weight rod in a pinch. Vary your retrieves and hang on, as the strikes are often violent.

You can check out more flytying and fishing related information at Rich’s website:



Rich Strolis is a trout fisherman to the core, he loves to chase Pike and other warm water predators too, but he’ll be quick to tell you that as long as it swims and will eat sizable flies, it’s pretty much fair game in his book. It was no coincidence that his first fly caught trout was fooled on a muddler minnow, and 25 years later his passion for streamer fishing continues to evolve.