PRO-Team member Andreas Andersson has tied the 24th Fly Friday and has chosen the Deerhead Deceiver.

Deerhead Deceiver 

Tan/White version.

Hook - Partridge of Redditch Attitude Extra in size 2 to 4/0.

Thread - UTC Ultra 140 for tail and body, stronger gsp thread for the head. White

Tail - Cock hackle feathers tied flaring out at the back of the hook.White

Body - The bigger feathers from the bottom of a dryfly cape, I use Whiting barred medium ginger.

Flash - Crystal flash, gold. Not a lot, I use 3 doubled strands for a size 2 fly.

Wing - Bucktail, the thinner hairs from the front of a bucktail is perfect for this fly.

Head - Stacked deer bellyhair cut to shape with a double edge razorblade. Try to get a slightly "boxy" triangular shape with more material on the top than on the bottom. White/Tan.

Eyes - Your choice of round eyes. Make sure to use a geltype superglue, it works great for deerhair.


This fly started out as big pikefly on the Predator X hook before a friend in the US saw a picture of it and wanted me to make a smaller version for his bassfishing. Said and done I sent him a few to try and they worked like a charm.

He then gave a few to his guide friend who was happy to give them a try and a few days later I got a picture of one of the flies... a blue/white version that to be honest looked kind of beat up but still fishable, with the text "40 bass and counting, tie more flies!".

So the fly worked pretty well and is now used for a number of species including large and smallmouth bass, perch, pike, searun browntrout and redfish on saltwater flats. I'm sure it will work for others to by just changing the size and colour.

The name was the easiest thing to pick out since it looks very much like the now classic streamer "Leftys Deceiver" from the 50's, only mine has a deerhair head. There's a few other things separating them like no tinsel body, no peacock h topping and no flash throat..but I still wanted to pay a little homage to the original.

The reason I put the deerhair head on it was to get a slow sinkrate and a bulkier head that could still keep its shape when fast stripped. I use the Attitude Extra hooks for this pattern, that hook with its strong wire keels the fly perfectly and handles big fish like a champ.

Thank you and tight lines from Sweden.