The 23rd Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Jason Renaud. Jason has tied the Mio Orange using a Partridge Jig Hook in size 14.


The Mio Orange (pronounced "my-oh"), is named after the town on the legendary trophy section of the Au Sable River in Michigan where I designed and first tested this pattern. It is an abstract, competitive style pattern suited to represent multiple species of insect larvae that competing/traveling anglers may encounter. It is also designed for being presented at any depth of a river's water column, and for even being able to tumble along the river bottom or structure with its up-turned Partridge of Redditch jig hook.

When fishing on timeline--partaking in a tournament or just on "a trip to the store" for your spouse or loved one-- there are two things an angler must be able to do quickly when arriving to their spot in order to get the most from their outing: cover the entire water column and present a pattern that imitates multiple species of insect larvae at once--not just one specific insect pattern at a time. By adjusting size of hook and weight (bead, wire, etc.) to suit water conditions, the Mio Orange can imitate numerous types of pale insect larvae that have a slender, segmented abdomen and pronounced thorax (mayfly, baetis/bwo, etc.).

Hook: Partridge Jig size 14

Bead: 3.5mm slotted tungsten

Tail: Grizzly Hackle fiber

Abdomen: Cream thread 70 denier and copper wire size Brassie

Thorax: Dubbing mix of light hare's ear and UV Orange

One of my successes with the Mio Orange, 22" Brown Trout taken with size 16 Mio Orange on the Au Sable River in Mio Michigan...