This weeks Fly Friday is from PRO-Team member Xavier Courchinoux and is a Streamer Pike tied on the Universal Predator X 8/0.
Time for the great season of Pike! 
Autumn is already here and we will be able to mount large streamers for our companions. So I suggest a little culinary recipe for Pike.
To accomplish this, you will need a few ingredients:
Lustrous Fibres: Gliss n Glint Holographic Tinsel
Latteral Lines Flash
Flexible Fibre Finish: Cashmere Goat
Polish Quills Magic
Eyes: Green Roachie Crystal in 11mm
Assembly is deliberately formed on the back of the hook in its movement to increase the pull in water, the silk assembly is made as a lever so you have to really start mounting on the back of the hook.
Starting with a long tail as a basis from the most rigid fiber (baitfish) and I have dressed shiny fiber on the top and sides. I end the softest fiber (cashmere) and for failing fiber that hangs in the hook I have on each side of bucktail.
I get the head again with the most rigid fiber as I like mixing in fibers.
That's my little recipe - you can test it. The Pike in Brittany love this little dish.