Today's Fly Friday is the Petri Nymph from Hakan Karsnaser.

This fly is tied on the new K4AY hook and we think it shows off the hook beautifully!

The K4AY (Barbless Grub & Buzzer) is ideal for grub, shrimp, curved body and some emerger patterns. It has a down-eye with a black nickel finish.

The hook comes in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.



Hakan has been fly fishing and fly tying since 1985. The public considers him to be more of a fly tyer than a fly fishermen. He enjoys tying every type of flies and loves to play around with materials and colors. Hakan is a long time contributor to Swedish magazines and is regularly invited to shows both in Sweden and the rest of Europe and the US. Hakan is an instructor for fly tying and fly fishing.