Fly Friday #15 is the Rat Faced McDougall from PRO-Team member Niklas Dahlin!

'The fly Rat Faced McDougall originally comes from the vise of flytying legends Harry and Elsie Darbee from Catskills in te USA. The fly came to life somewhere around 1939. Harry and Elsie were professional flytyers, and if you made a living on selling flies at this time in history you needed something special, it wasn’t enough to make great flies.

Harry and Elsie specialized on deer hair bodied flies, like the Rat Faced Mcdougall, and others - for example The Irresistible. They also had another addition to their trade and that was using odd numbered size hooks, like #11, #13 etc, this of course made people curious and because of that, business better.

The fly was from the beginning of a big fly used for fishing Bass. However one day, one of their customers, Percy Jennings, told Harry to tie 'the b*st**ds' in smaller sizes for use with the local trout. Harry said 'no', and told Percy to do it himself, so he did and they worked like a charm!

The name Rat Faced Mcdougall came to life one day when Percy sat and tied the fly and one of his daughters friends came and asked what the name of the fly was, Percy found the name unsuitable for her so he asked her what she thought the name of the fly was, then she said “well, it looks like a Rat Faced Mcdougall” so a new name found.

I use this fly as attractor fly, I tie it on my leader when nothing else works, or when I need a good floater. The most important reason that I have it in my box is that I think it a really cool fly.'


Thread: Textreme 8/0 and Textreme Power thread

Hook: Partridge SLD

Tail: Ginger cock

Body: Deer Hair

Wing: Grizzly hen tips

Hackle: Ginger cock






Niklas Dahin has tied flies at the BFFI, The International Flyters Symposium in the USA and several fly fairs in Sweden. He loves sitting and tying flies infront of a crowd and showing future tyers some patterns and techniques from the past. Niklas lives in Uppsala, north of Stockholm.