Today our Fly Friday post has come from Jon Strand who has tied a striking Klinkhamer Classic (Original)!

As this is the season for caddisflies here in Norway, in particular the big Phryganea Grandis, I decided to make a large emerger for the occasion, a Klinkhåmer Classic (Original)...
Hans Van Klinken made this pattern in the mid 80's and it has become a "must have in the box" fly! Make them in different sizes and colours, to suit the flies at your local waters. (A thorough description on how it's tied, is published in Oliver Edwards' book: Flytyiers Masterclass!)

The best start for this fly is with a Partridge hook 15BN #12!

Thread: Veevus 10/0 

Wing: poly yarn

Dubbing: hare ear (original was FlyRite)

Thorax: peacock herl

Rib: mirage tinsel (optional)

Hackle: natural brown


(Thomas Zullich created a tutorial to tie his similar fly, The Kinkhamer Special, which is slightly different to Jon's Klinkhamer Classic. If you would like to try tying the Special you can do so by clicking here...)




Jon Strand is 49 years old and  lives in Oslo, Norway. He is married and has 3 children. Jon started tying flies in June 1979 with a focus on arctic spieces such as browntrout, grayling and Atlantic salmon. Suppling stores in his hometown and private clients, he gets to tie flies all year round.