Fly Friday #10 comes from Ben Beckwith. Ben joined the Partridge PRO-team at the end of last month and has tied a Hot Spot Jig Nymph as this weeks fly.

'I love to tie this fly because it is really simple and quick to tie yet it works fantasically well for wild brown trout particularly as a point fly as it really weighs the other flies down. I have tied it without the hotspot but I do find that it works alot better with the hotspot as it really draws the fish in and adds a trigger point to the fly.'

The fly has been tied on a Partridge Jig hook (SUJ) #10 which is from our Patriot barbless range and has a long straight surehold point to give excellent hook setting properties.

To tie this fly you would need:

Hook: Partridge Jig Hook (SUJ) #10

Bead: 3.5mm Gold Tungsten Slot Bead

Thread: Uni Thread 8/0 Black

Tag: Uni Thread 8/0 Fire Orange

Body: Stripped Peacock Herl Dyed Ginger

Hackle: Fox Squirrel Fur held and spun on thread using BT's dubbing wax.



Ben Beckwith is the youngest member of the Partridge PRO-team. When Ben was 11, he showed interest in flies and was presented with a starter kit for fly tying. His enthusiasm and creativity in tying showed that he had a huge interest in pursuing this further. He was introduced to Ian Hockley by his Grandfather, who very kindly spent a few hours showing him the basics of fly tying, and has continued to encourage him. At the age of 14 Ben has successfully qualified as part of the 2015 England Youth Fly-Fishing Team.