Sunday 1st February saw an open house fly tying event in Åros, Norway.

The local Chapter of the hunting and fishing association sponsored the rent and dinner for the 17 tyers who attended.

PRO-Team member Jon Strand was present and the tyers had souvenier packets of the CS54 Saltwater Shrimp and the SLD Patriot Fine Dry Barbless Partridge hooks to tie on. The addition of long tying tables and a roaring fire made for a lovely atmosphere and a successful event.








Eivinf B, who is number 1 in Norway for Saltwater tying, loved the Saltwater shrimp hook and was thrilled to tie on it. He tied one of his specialities on the CS54 below:








A mayfly parachute tied by Gisle Helgesen was then tied on the SLD #12 below:







Great work guys!