The Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark organises the Danish Fly Festival on a biannual basis in Kolding. It is a very busy weekend with many exhibitors, speakers, fly tiers and fly casters at hand to speak and demonstrate to the visitors.

Partridge of Redditch and Regal were represented by Regal & Partridge PRO-team member Thomas Zullich.

“There was great interest in the products I was using to tie my flies. Specificly the Patriot Series barbless hooks caught a lot of attention. One does not only talk about the metal invoilved. It is more the term “barbless” always gets good discussions about preservation of Fish and fisheries going. I was pleased too that more and more European tiers do see benefit in using natural materials and modern but simple methods for tying their own creations. It is all about creativity at the tying vise. Having such a wonderful tool like the Regal vise - I use the Medallion with stainless steel jaws - at hand makes the process even more fun. It is a fantastic tool.”

We would like to thank Jerk Sönnichsen and Lars Christian Bentsen and all the other wonderful People at The FFFD for putting together such an amazing event. We are already looking very much forward to the next show.