The August fly of the month from PRO-Team member Paul Procter is a B-WO Flimsy Spinner. To see the fly of the month for July, click here.


Although a para spinner of sorts is my default pattern when female B-WOs start tumbling to the water, occasionally something that bit more refined is called for. Yes, it could be argued this is a rather flimsy looking fly, yet its very sparseness can give an edge, especially on those mirror like glides where trout seemingly have an age to inspect potential food.

Whilst the CdC wings offer some buoyancy their principal role is both imprint and movement. Tied to jut out at right angles to the hook shank these copy the splayed wings of a spent spinner to the letter. That they flail about is even better, as countless spinners kick and flap in their dying throws. For that very same reason, coq-de-leon tailing fibres are merely lashed in, rather than being meticulously arranged like a three pronged fork. Next time you’re out, take a moment to glance at spinners drifting by…notice how their tails are all mangled up and even missing on individual flies.    

Whatever you do, don’t go running away with any ideas about pitching this little number into a heaving torrent as it’s clearly going to be swamped instantly. Yet, a smidgen of floatant applied to the tail filaments and TMC aero wing is just enough to keep this pattern topside where flows slacken. I find fluorescent yellow yarn remains visible for longer in the fading light   

A neat build up of thread creates the tapered body, which is doused with cellire varnish for durability. Blending pine squirrel guard hairs into the superfine dubbing (a 50/50 mix) means just enough straggly fibres protrude to suggest a tangle of legs when forming the thorax. Finally, I’m not claiming this dressing to be the next best thing, instead, it’s an addition to armoury, a fly that can be relied upon when trout become choosey!

B-WO Flimsy Spinner:

Hook: SLD2 size 16

Tail: Coq-de-Leon

Body: 14/0 orange Sheer

Wings: CdC tips

Post: Fluorescent yellow TMC aero wing

Thorax: Pine squirrel and rusty spinner Superfine dubbing