What better excuse for a days fishing than a Bank holiday in May! Allan Liddle - A member of the Partridge Pro Team - talks us through his bank holiday weekend.

Bank holiday weekends are supposed to be times when you can relax, unwind and re-charge the batteries - for me this time though it was anything but. This May weekend was a tale of the three F’s, Football, Flitting (Scottish name for moving house) and of course Fishing.

Friday and the usual “Old Guys Football” set the scene for aches and pains from bits I didn’t know I had.

Saturday saw the commencement of the mammoth house move. Years of collective junk to shift out of he garage and even worse, the attic had me reaching for a ‘medicinal’ McAllan or two come Saturday evening with half the job done.

Sunday and the remaining ton of junk to move (how many fishing magazines can one angler gather?) before rushing away for another bout of football with a wee ‘Friendly’ with my local over 40’s against our nearest rivals. Therefore you can imagine it was a weary man who sat down to Sunday Tea watching the rain running down the street from the very heavy but thankfully short burst showers.

‘Hmmm we were certainly needing a wee bit of rain,’ 

Time to grab the rod and waders to see if the river’s were still in fishing mode for holiday Monday, hitting a wee stream near me for a brief hour before bedtime. Arriving at half eight to find this small stream slightly up but clear and with the beginnings of a wee olive hatch and residents rising meant ‘kitting up’ was dne in a bit of a rush. The deadly Deer Hair Emerger was the fly of choice in olive on the Partridge K4A Light Grub Hook which soon attracted attention from these small but lightning fast and welcome ‘Broonies.’ 

A tired, happy angler with sore limbs and nettle stings from a stumble or two on the uneven bank in the ever increasing darkness returned home for more ‘Single Malt Medicine.’

Monday and the main event, a day on the Deveron in search of hatching olives and feeding fish, both of which were found pretty quickly in the light winds and slightly coloured water. 

Perfect fish stalking conditions, especially with the fish feeding so hard you could almost walk right up to them, almost but not quite. Some degree of stealth still required, yet more nettle stings and copious ‘instruction’ to both my excitable Labradors, great company but very occasionally ‘challenging.’

Anyway fishing gods were smiling and the fish responded well including a nice ‘Notable Fish’ of 2Ib 4oz and a ‘Trophy’ 3Ib 3oz beauty. More fish followed in the frequent bursts of fly activity before all too soon it was home time and I returned still grinning from ear to ear.

‘Good your home early, just in time to help move this furniture.’

Roll on next May weekend, planning it already and if football still sneaks in, moving home is certainly not part of the equation, as for this one? I’ll be glad to get back to work tomorrow for a rest.


Allan Liddle

Based in Moray in Scotland's North East, Allan has specialises with the wild trout from the rivers and burns, lochs and lochans throughout Mainland Scotland and the Isles. A strong passion for fishing simple dries he feels there's nothing better than to see the fish take off the top, but isn't slow to fish a range of different styles when mood or conditions dictate. Although trout is his first love Allan occasionally chases the Salmon, Grayling stocked fish and even dabbles in salt water when the chance arises.

Allan has also represented Scotland at international level, is a GAIA qualified trout instructor and a has been a regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for almost twenty years. Allan’s love of fly tying spans almost thirty years and has been a regular at many tying demonstrations and work shops prior to, and since joining the Partridge Pro-Team in 2013.

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