Every Flyfisher knows the problem...
...Where to put the flies during and after fishing?

The spectrum of available containers is immense. Starting with the old bakelit boxes over the aluminium ones with small compartments, to the sturdy and waterproof plastic versions, which even withstand being rolled over by a tank. One can really develop a container fetish... nothing wrong with that.

My fetish is minimalism: one rod, one line and as little equipment as possible in the fish basket or backpack. Beware – no west, which just attracts gadgets one very hardly uses, if at all.

However, something must be worn on the head. A cap with a brim is ideal. The brim shades well for unobstructed observation of the water surface. Wet flies should be dried well. The ideal place is open air and facing the sun. The angler’s head, better said the cap on it is the ideal spot. Direct application of hooks to the caps fabric does have quite a destructive effect though. Holes can not be avoided on the long run. Debarbed flies tend to fall out and barbed ones get very stuck.

A fishing buddy made me aware of a door / window stopper tape to be used for self-made flyboxes. The tape is actually a rubber tube with a P shaped profile and used for air-tightening doors and windows. It looks really nice on the hat. It does stick quite well to most caps I tried it on. However, a drop of super glue does generally fix it.

Now you only need to fix the flies for the days and you’re ready to go. If you get really bored you might want to fix several hats for different waters or fishing situations …. but that would be too far, wouldn't it?

- Thomas Zullich