The yearly workshop was held at Sjohaga lodge. Together with my dear friend Johan Klingberg we organized this weekend for the 8th time in a row. Every year we have done this weekend together with a couple of other tiers, trying to get so many different types of fly tying in weekend as possible.

This year it was Rainbow flies and streamers on the menu. Daniel held a session where the tiers tried to tie Articulated Streamers, Anders showed them his own Rainbow patterns from 50 years of Rainbow hunting in the area and Johan tied his latest and most deadly Caddis patterns.

In my Group we tied Classic American Streamers. For almost 4 hours every Group really get a touch on tying these colorful and Beautiful patterns.

Thanks to the Partridge hook CS15 (the Carrie Stevens streamer hook) the flies
got the original look.

The flies in the Picture are all tied on the CS15 #4 and the patterns as from top:

Little Mermaid
White Ghost
Silver Darter
Red Witch

This year we had the possiblity to invite some new people, but it only took 7 minutes on FB to fill the last seats.

And now we are almost half booked for the coming workshop next january.
Tight lines!"