Tucked away amongst the pages of Stan Headley’s Trout Flies of Scotland book lies a simple nymph pattern by Franz Grimley called the Wee Silver Nymph.

This little fly has been reasonably successful for me especially on bright days although to be honest I was never truly happy with the overall profile or the ‘bulk’ it tended to carry and so felt a wee makeover was in order.

Firstly I replaced the original underbody of lead with a simple silver tungsten bead and also started to use the excellent Partridge K5AS Egg / Caddis Heavy hook which offers something very strong and very heavy for the size.  Substituting the body material with silver holographic tinsel really makes this wee pattern stand out and I also felt the original required a little something on the thorax and so added a small amount of hare’s ear dubbing to complete the overall profile of the pattern and I’m pleased to say it really works.

Best when fished in the faster water on a straight nymph set up it’s also quite handy if fished ‘Klink ‘n Dink’ style especially in those bright sunny days where it seems to draw fish when more sombre patterns don’t.  Just to add to its appeal the Wee Silver’s even been successful on the tail position in a team of loch flies so you can say it’s a wee bit of an all-rounder.



Hook: Partridge K5AS Egg / Caddis Heavy or Partridge Patriot K4AYSE Barbless

Thread: Black Uni 8/0

Tail: Coc-de-Leon

Body: Medium Silver Holographic Tinsel

Rib: Fine Silver Wire

Thorax: Hare’s Ear (or Grey Squirrel)


Tying Sequence:

Step 1 Set bead on hook and catch in thread directly behind

Step 2 Catch in a small bunch of Coc de Leon to form tail

Step 3 Catch in thin silver wire for rib and complete tapered profile on body with thread

Step 4 Catch in medium holographic silver tinsel behind head, run tinsel down and back up again to form body

Step 5 Wind silver wire rib in opposite direction to holographic body in open turns

Step 6 Take a pinch of natural hare's ear dubbing to form thorax

Step 7 Make one whip finish then apply a small amount of varnish to thread before completing second whip finish

Step 8 Finally lightly pick out some of the thorax fibres to help the overall profile

Allan Liddle

Based in Moray in Scotland's North East, Allan has specialises with the wild trout from the rivers and burns, lochs and lochans throughout Mainland Scotland and the Isles. A strong passion for fishing simple dries he feels there's nothing better than to see the fish take off the top, but isn't slow to fish a range of different styles when mood or conditions dictate. Although trout is his first love Allan occasionally chases the Salmon, Grayling stocked fish and even dabbles in salt water when the chance arises.

Allan has also represented Scotland at international level, is a GAIA qualified trout instructor and a has been a regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for almost twenty years. Allan’s love of fly tying spans almost thirty years and has been a regular at many tying demonstrations and work shops prior to, and since joining the Partridge Pro-Team in 2013.

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