A new fishing tackle boutique opened it’s doors with a very special event with a lot of activities. The several hundred visitors could get their hands on the latest and hippest fishing and fly tying gear. None of the customers had to suffer either as there was good food and drinks available.

I was brought in to demonstrate fly tying as well as give classes and lectures. Many beginners and experienced fly tiers got a chance to learn something new and deepen their knowledge.

I was really impressed by the fischen.ch staff. Their enthusiasm and professional attitude is really top of the line. Switzerland is a really interesting market. The interest and attention I got from the fishermen and girls there is very motivating. One cool detail is that they are very open and positive to barbless hooks. Right up my alley so to say.

After a long day of talking, lecturing and tying I was happy to be draged along by Joann, Corsin and Nils. They gave me a fantastic tour of Basel and we ended up at a traditional cheese fondue place. Amazing how good this type of food is.

Thanks to all again... I´ll be back.