May is one of my favourite months of the fishing season and this year was no different. I had a wonderful time at the Sportfish Show in England dressing flies on the Partridge stand with my fellow country man Darryl Mooney. Darryl was dressing wonderful river flies and I was on Irish lough style flies, a type of fly pattern that I love and I must say both where very well received, in fact I got a nice email from a guy that attended the show which reads;

‘’Hello Mr. Stevie Munn, We met at the Sportfish show a few weeks ago where you were dressing flies for Partridge. You actually tied me a really beautiful wet fly.
I told you that I would give that fly a go on a river and tell you how I get on with it.
Well, I do apologies that I do not want to give that fly a go as it is really beautiful and I want to keep it pinned on your card, but I have tried to tie a few of those changing only the dubbing as I do not have the same.
Eventually yesterday (Sunday) I tried one of the flies on the river Lambourn at a stretch with slow water and I got a 35cm beautiful grayling.
I send you a few photos as I promised and I do apologies again that I haven't used your fly, but I wouldn't want to lose it to a tree.
Thank you for showing me how to tie this fly.. I really appreciate it!
All the very best, Kostis.‘’

Feedback like this is fantastic and I would like to thank Kostis for emailing me its really good to see other anglers catching on my patterns and picking up some techniques at shows. This is something I like about fly fishing and fly tying we are always learning - it is just too vast a subject to know it all and after a lifetime in angling, I am very sceptical of some that pretend they do. I will not mention names.

After the Sportfish show we were able to fit in a couple of days fishing on the Clyde in Scotland, a river I had never fished before. Myself and Darryl were really looking forward to it as we both love rivers and we were staying with our good mates and excellent fly tiers and river anglers. Marc Light and Jim Lees and I must thank them, they were wonderful hosts. The Clyde where we fished is a stunning looking river and luckily we where all blessed with fantastic wild trout as you can see by the smiles on the faces of myself and Mr Mooney as we held our wonderful trout before realising them, as the great American angler Lee Wulff once said “Game fish are too valuable to only be caught once."

After I returned from bonny Scotland it was time for me to start to focus on the great loughs of Ireland as in May many of us fly fishers want to drift on one of these vast sheets of water in search of stunning brown trout. There is a whole tradition of lough fishing and there is something truly magical about these places. In Ireland we are simply blessed with many great loughs to stir the imagination.

I was, as I do every year, to spend some time on Lough Sheelin in the Irish midlands and there have been great reports of some lovely fish being took on dry and wet may flies. May fly fishing in Ireland is one of the highlights of the year and all the Irish loughs are simply Mecca’s for many fly anglers from all over the planet. We all have our favourite loughs and many are legendary, like wonderful Mask, Corrib, Arrow, Derg lets face it in reality in Ireland we have too many fine loughs to mention and I hope I will get a chance to fish some of these this year - maybe even ones that I have not yet tried. This would be great as I have fished on quite a few over the years. Lough Erne and Lough Sheelin I have fished these at this time of the game season often over many years and they are the big waters that I know best. As normal I had 4 days in the good company of the Mullusk Angling Society Club, on beautiful lough Sheelin, which in the last few years seems to be making a comeback. We where a wee bit late this year as the may fly had been up early, perhaps due to the mild winter. That said, on a couple of days we hit ok conditions with the may fly which were hatching with trout mopping them up. I did land a couple of very nice fish on dries and wets (see the dressings below).

Also I must mention Wattys Rock one of the best spots to be (those of you that know Finea will now know I am talking about the bar which is always welcome at this time). Yes to me and several other fly fishers May and June in Ireland can be simply heaven of Earth, there is something truly fantastic being on one of these great sheets of water casting a fly from a boat, the pleasure and excitement you get when a heavily spotted trout rises from the depths and takes the fly turns down and you feel him pulling on the line giving the angler that instant adrenaline rush is truly one of the best feelings a fly-fisher can have.

I hope you also have success with the pattern I feature here and I know it wont be long before I am back on one of Irelands Jewels, the great limestone loughs, in fact as I write I hear the caddis are making a show so I think I will pack the car again, but that is another story!

Tight Lines.

Munns May number 2

This is a fly with its origins in the old gosling style of Irish lough flies and one that works great on the Irish, Scottish and English Loughs and rivers at Mayfly .It works very well on Northern Irelands Lough Erne on the top dropper pulled and then dibbled at the boat; also works when fish are feeding on daphnia mostly dew the addition of the orange hackle, which should be dressed long. 

Hook: 8 -10 Partridge Wet Fly Supreme or for top dropper Partridge Dry Fly Supreme.

Tail: A few Strands of Pheasant Tail,

Rib: Gold tinsel or wire

Body: Yellow Flashabou or Lite Brite Dubbing

Body Hackle: Light /Med olive, Cock

Collar Hackle‘s: Orange one or two turns with a Yellow/olive English Partridge Hackle in Front.




Stevie works full time in the angling sector as a guide, writer and qualified game angling instructor and is a member of the Regal and Partridge Pro Teams and Hardy Pro Team . He has appeared in many angling books, DVDs and angling shows all over the world giving casting and tying demonstrations. He has also fished many places in the world and grew up fishing on rivers and Loughs of Ireland where he often guides. He runs teaching courses in fly fishing and host groups fishing in many parts of the world, he can book booked for demos and workshops at by fishing clubs or angling events. You can contact him via email or get more info at


Stevie Munn

Pro Fly Dresser Stevie Munn is from Co. Antrim in N.Ireland, he has fly fished all his life and grew up fishing rivers and loughs in Ireland. He is a qualified Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor in Fly Tying and Fly Casting with APGAI-Ireland, and a APGAI fly casting instructor. He teaches fly casting and fly tying to all levels from beginner to advanced and has given lessons at many schools and clubs.

Stevie has been a Professional guide for many years for trout, salmon and a lough run wild brown trout called the Dollaghan which runs his local rivers to spawn, that said he will fish for any fish that will take a fly and also loves fly fishing in the sea. He has won many fly fishing competitions though mostly now fishes for pleasure and he has also won fly casting competitions including 2 Accuracy Casting Championships in England and at the CLA game fair 2011 Stevie helped set a new World record in fly casting which was done for the charity Help of Heroes, 141 miles of fly casting with Stevie setting the high score of 627 casts at distance in 30 mins.

Stevie hosts fishing trips worldwide and can help you if you want to fish many places in the world including Canada, Iceland, Norway and Argentina as well as his native Ireland, North and South.

Stevie flies patterns have appeared in many angling books including Malcolm Greenhalgh’s new book ‘A guide to fishing flies from around the World, Stevie also writes articles in many angling magazines including Irish Angler, Total Flyfisher, Trout & Salmon, Flyfishing & Fly Tying and Chasing Silver of which he is the Field Editor in Ireland.

Stevie has given fly tying and casting demos, at many game and fly fairs over the years, including the CLA game fair in England, Angling Ireland, Irish Game Fairs, Dutch Fly Fair, Rio Grande Fly Fishers in TDF, British fly fair International and The Irish Fly Fair .

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